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CHRISSIE and CECE play a con game with strangers to put a roof over their heads while fantasizing about their dream apartment. When Chrissie meets DAVID, a funny, genuine guy who works his way into her heart, she falls for him and must decide whether to confess the real circumstances of her life or continue her lie at all costs. Even at the cost of someone’s life. 




Landing Up tells the story of a girl with nothing to lose and everything to hide. The project was a finalist for the 2016 Tribeca Film Institute All Access Grant. The film stars Ben Rappaport (Mr. Robot, Outsourced, Fiddler on Broadway), E'dena Hines, Dov Tiefenbach, Theodora Woolley and filmmaker Stacey Maltin.




The film exists in two worlds: Chrissie’s life on the street and her romantic life with David.  Chrissie’s life on the street is gritty. Danger can lurk around any corner and she constantly needs to be on her game and aware of how one wrong choice can lead her down a dark and dirty rabbit hole. When Chrissie meets David her world explodes in color. He’s everything she always wanted and the film jumps in tone and style to almost a romantic comedy feel. He is young, goofy, successful, and an upper middle class white dude who has no idea of the realities that Chrissie is facing. Her life is so far outside his realm of comprehension he never suspects her even as she hides the truth from him at every turn.


WE want to show that people often exist in different parts of themselves. Chrissie’s carefully crafted lies lead her into a world that turns into a very real feeling love. But can you ever really know someone if we all spend so much time crafting the perfect stories about ourselves? 

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