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"Magnificent movie...feels like a slice of life into the hope of main character Chrissie played by Stacey Maltin. The duo of Maltin and E'dena Hines is spectacular and works wonderfully together. This Dances With Films selection is stellar.



"the anti-Pretty Woman

"sweetly haunting

- Jason Coleman, Why so Blu

"Watching Chrissie deal with the complications in her life is amusing at times,

touching at others and occasionally heartbreaking.

We like her and don't want to see her mess it all up.”

- Steve Kopian, Unseen Films

"The film is beautifully shot, the audio is near-flawless, the editing is masterful, clear, and concise. Everything about this movie screams dedication to the craft as its technical chops are outstanding.”

- Clent Bowers, Clent Bowers Reviews

"The film forced me to work with-and kept me watching because it made me engage with it. Its a film that I want to try again down the road away from the festival crush- which is high praise.”

- Steve Kopian, Unseen Films

"A New York fairy-tale with a dark dose of reality"​

"Stacey Maltin gives a performance of unself-conscious grit in a dark NY fairy tale"

- Alison Bailes, WOR radio




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